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2018 Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards - Top 25 Destinations in the World
Top 25 World Destinations - No.1
One of the most visited cities in the World, Paris is the capital city of France & is a major European financial, cultural & tourist centre. It is home to some of the world’s most recognised attractions, a renowned café scene & spectacular architecture.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.2
London is one of the World’s great cities, full of amazing history, incredible architecture and amazing attractions. It is arguably the most visited city in the world boasting numerous world famous landmarks and the famous tube underground railway.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.3
Rome is a city that contains some of the most significant & fascinating historical monuments in the world. The capital of Italy, Rome is renowned for its history, architecture, artistic & cultural significance & is one of the most visited world cities.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.4
Bali is an island province of Indonesia and is the largest tourist destination in the region attracting people from all over the World. The island is renowned for its beaches, surfing, resorts, arts and laid back relaxed atmosphere.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.5
Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands & the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean. The island region is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece providing a wealth of historical attractions & range of tourist amenities & services.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.6
Barcelona is a major European city that lies on the Mediterranean Coast & is the second largest city in Spain. Its location & associated climate make it an ideal tourist destination & it is also one of Europe’s major cultural & economic centres.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.7
Prague is the modern-day capital of the Czech Republic & the historic capital of the Kingdom of Bohemia. The city is a cultural showcase with numerous architectural highlights & a city centre listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.8
Top 25 World Destinations - No.9
Top 25 World Destinations - No.10
New York City
One of the most populous cities in the World and the most populous in the United States, New York City is a mega city. It is a hub for entertainment, culture, commerce, transport and it is the city that never sleeps.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.11
Top 25 World Destinations - No.12
Top 25 World Destinations - No.13
Siem Reap
Top 25 World Destinations - No.14
Jamaica is an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba famed as the birth place of reggae music. It is a popular tourist destination with its tropical weather & boasts numerous beach resorts that provide a range of water activities.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.15
Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen is a popular tourist community located in the Riviera Maya coastal resort stretch of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. With 340 days of sunshine, pristine beaches & glorious year round weather it is an ideal holiday destination.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.16
Top 25 World Destinations - No.17
Top 25 World Destinations - No.18
Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a global world metropolis, home to over 13 million people & the most populous metropolitan area in the World. It uniquely combines the best of ultramodern city features with traditional architecture, traditions & values.
Top 25 World Destinations - No.20
Hong Kong
Top 25 World Destinations - No.22
New Delhi
Top 25 World Destinations - No.24
Rio de Janeiro
Top 25 World Destinations - No.25
The capital city of New South Wales, Sydney is the most populous capital city in Australia. It lies on the Pacific Ocean coast around the magnificent Sydney Harbour and flanked by the Blue Mountains.
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