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About TravelXchange?
Welcome to TravelXchange International Pty Ltd. TravelXchange is a new site designed to provide information for travellers, sight seers, diners and party revellers in a simple, easy to follow web site. The aim is for you to be able to navigate your way around the world, discover cities, sights and experiences that will inspire you to visit them.

The web site is 15 years in the making and was originally designed as a means of learning to create an interactive database driven web site. It now is a collection of information on destinations, attractions, accommodation, dining, nightlife and much more.

The TravelXchange website has been designed to allow you to interact and get involved in its evolution. You can rate the items you have experienced or write the best things about your visits in much the same way that you do on other similar sights. The site also allows you to create a bucket list so you can mark off your future travel or experience goals.

In the same way that you interact with the site through rating items and writing the best thing about items, you can use the site to see what other people have thought of the places and experiences they have had on their travels.

One thing the site has set out to do is not be elitist or a whipping post. We ask that reviews focus on the positive elements of the things they have seen and the experiences they have had. A rating will speak for itself but often reviews are biased towards the negative elements even if there were positive elements.

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