TravelXchange > Member Benefits
Travel Xchange is a free site that anyone can use, however to access the main features of the site, you need to become a member. Membership is free and there are no strings attached. Once you become a member you can obtain access to a multitude of features and offers, some of which are detailed as follows.

1. You can rate any area of the Travel Xchange web site. This includes rating specific areas such as states, cities and precincts or individual entities such as Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Attractions etc....

2. Just as you rate these items, you can also write a review on them. You set a tone for the review on a scale from raving to scathing, create a catchy headline and write a detailed review.

3. Members may get access to vouchers that have been offered by participating companies. These vouchers will be sequentially numbered and printed with the members "User Name" and a validity date.

4. As you rate, review and utilise the Travel Xchange web site, you amass Xchange points. From March 2003, items will be available for Members to bid on using their Xchange points. At the end of the alloted periods, the highest bid will be able to claim the prize.

5. Memebrs can elect to receive Email's of events, promotions and general notices from any venues that they select. In this way, they only recieve notice of selected items.

6. Members have their own personal Memebers area where their information, favourites,settings and Members features can be viewed and maintained.