United States Fast Facts
- Capital : Washington DC
- Largest City : New York City
- Population : 315 million
- Currency : US Dollar
- Languages : English
- Floral Emblem : Rose
- Faunal Emblem : Bald Eagle, American Bison
- Drive on the Right side of the road
About - United States
The United States of America, often abbreviated to U.S.A. or United States or simply the States, consists of 48 contiguous states, plus the island state of Hawaii and Alaska, which adjoins Canada. Not included in the states is the federal District of Columbia which houses the National Capital, Washington DC.

Located between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans on the North American continent, the United States is the third largest country in the World and is bordered by Canada to the North and Mexico to the South. It also is estimated to have a population in excess of 310 million making it the third most populous country in the World. With such a massive coastline, a majority of this population is distributed on the East and West Coasts, however there are great cities dotted all across the United States.

The United States is defined as much by its geography as it is by its cities and people. It boasts some of the World’s major natural destinations including National Parks, Canyons, Lakes, Waterfalls and Mountain Ranges, too numerous to individually mention.

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United States X Factor Accommodation
Langham Place
Langham Place
New York City, New York
The Langham Place Hotel New York City sits proudly on the famous 5th Avenue in New York’s Garment District. The hotel has 234 sophisticated guest-rooms & suites many with iconic New York skyline views & can cater for a range of functions or more.
United States X Factor Attraction
Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston
Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston
Boston, Massachusetts
Attraction - Museum
The 65,000 square foot Boston Institute of Contemporary Art’s distinctive building is an attraction in itself and reflects the museums philosophy that art is inseparable from life. It showcases various art from the 20th & 21st more.
United States X Factor Nightlife
House of Blues Las Vegas
House of Blues Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Pubs, Clubs & Bars
The House of Blues Las Vegas lives up and possibly exceeds the atmosphere, style and performances of other world-wide House of Blues venues. It plays host to local and international performers and includes a restaurant & tattoo more.
United States X Factor Dining
Hooters Arlington
Hooters Arlington
Arlington, Texas
Dining - Theme
Hooters is a globally recognised restaurant chain renowned for its attractive female staff and specialises is chicken more.
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Bucket List Items
Go to the Superbowl
Perhaps one of the World's gretaest sporting events, the Superbowl is contested annually for the American football NFL championship.
See a live game of NFL American Football
See an NFL American Football game, one of the hardest sports played in some of the worlds largest stadiums.
See a live game of NHL Ice Hockey
Watch a game of NHL Ice Hockey, one of the fastest, hardest hitting, action packed sports in the World.
See a live game of Major League Baseball
See America's national game live. Experience a game of MLB in one of the spectacular United States or Canadian ball parks.
See a live game of NBA Basketball
One of the most dynamic and exciting sporting experiences, see a live game of NBA professional basketball.
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