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2017 Travel + Leisure Worlds Top 15 Cities
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.1
San Miguel de Allende
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.2
Charleston (SC)
Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the Southern United States oldest cities. It has a rich and colourful history which is reflected in much of its architecture and a diverse culture that highlights English, French and West African origins.
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.3
Chiang Mai City
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.4
Kyoto is a historic city located on the Japanese island of Honshu. It was the Imperial capital of japan for over 1000 years resulting in a modern city full of amazing traditional architecture, palaces, gardens, historic culture & traditions.
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.5
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.7
Hoi An
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.8
Cape Town
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.9
Ubud is one of Baliís inland cultural, art and tourism centres located in the steep hills and rice paddies of the central hinterland. Over recent years tourism in the region has developed with many resorts and spas springing up.
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.11
Santa Fe
Santa Fe is the capital city in New Mexico & a city that combines a legendary history, a fascinating culture & an intriguing mixture of traditional & contemporary arts. The city is a popular tourist destination with a great climate for outdoor pursuits.
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.12
Rome is a city that contains some of the most significant & fascinating historical monuments in the world. The capital of Italy, Rome is renowned for its history, architecture, artistic & cultural significance & is one of the most visited world cities.
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.13
Siem Reap Province
T+L Worlds Top 15 Cities - No.15
Barcelona is a major European city that lies on the Mediterranean Coast & is the second largest city in Spain. Its location & associated climate make it an ideal tourist destination & it is also one of Europeís major cultural & economic centres.
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